martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Texas hold’em rules: the showdown

This type of poker game is referred to by the name of the state from which it emanated, even before it reached Las Vegas way back in 1967. It almost hit a snag after the initial introduction in the casinos there. Although it took a lot of time for people to fully embrace this kind of poker, it has nevertheless soared in popularity over the last ten years due to being featured on television and the internet. Today, there are a lot of books whose subject is this game of poker, and they can be found in the local libraries as well as book sections in the chain supermarkets. More so, they can be downloaded from the internet for a fee. They have been written by renowned hands at poker. They have greatly increased the popularity of the game and today, it is one of the most searched types of poker on the internet. Tournaments are held that are sponsored and organized by promoters like the 2003 World Series championship.

The internet is also a classroom now where novices can learn how to play Texas hold’em while at the same time learning and applying all the rules that govern the game. An online tutor is provided and through learning to play with a system, you are able to sharpen your skills at the game more than you would with a conventional tutor. For the experienced hands, do not be surprised to find them playing multi-Texas Hold’em games on the internet, all at the same time. It is important that you recall that it has taken them a lot of time and practice to get there.
This game has exciting and interesting rules that govern the betting rounds, all the rounds are preceded by the dealer burning a card, and then flopping open a community card. The other players then continue to raise bets which go into the pot until after they all fold hand or after all the bets have been raised. These stages are the pre-flop, the flop, the turn and the river stages. The last stage is called the showdown. It’s important to note that as the game advances, those who decide to leave after that round do not play anymore. Therefore, only few players are left when the game enters the showdown stage. After the river stage, all the players who are still in the round show their cards starting with the player who bet last or may muck theirs too conceding defeat to the winner, without knowing his winning strategy.

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