martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Texas Hold’em rule of flop

After the pre flop, the game is now in full swing and the players continue to raise and re-raise bets, and deal cards. Meanwhile, whatever beta player raises, the others respond by putting its equal in the pot. Therefore, this game is determined by how much money you have to lose.

Compared to other types of poker games, Texas hold’em is suited more to a thinking man as one is not allowed many chances to deal. The betting finally stops when all players have either folded or stopped calling out raises on bets. It’s then at this juncture that the dealer gets to burn a card, that is, he deals one card face down and then afterwards; he deals out three cards. The cards are also dealt face down and one card after the other. Then he flops them all upwards. This is called the flop stage. These cards are used by the players to determine which poker hand to play. The burn card is not used again in that game. The player who is now in the little blind/small position now becomes ‘under the gun’ referred to as the UTG and he calls all the shots now. He also makes the first move. Most novices who never cared to advance their skills in poker stop at this stage because from henceforth, the game becomes more complicated. Again, the players continue to raise and re-raise bets until they all fold or have raised the last bet. Betting rounds are not limited and the players can raise and re raise bets until they are done. Meanwhile, the bets in the pot continue growing.

After the end of the round, the dealer burns another card and deals another one face up that is called the turn. Rounds of betting follow, still with the UTG on the hot seat. The round of betting ends when all bets have been raised or the players have folded. The next step is called the River. In this, the dealer burns another card and calls for the final round of betting. He flops the fifth and last card; and so by now the players have six community cards by which they try to enhance the best poker hand. Another betting, round commences until all bets are raised or until one player refuses to fold their hand. He may choose to ‘muck’ his hand that is tossing his card on the dealers pile without showing what it is to the other players. This player wins the pot.

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