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How to use bonuses

As a poker follower, you should be aware of what is new in the scenes. Usually, there are several provisions that come with the poker field. It is only obvious that you seek the deal that works to your interest. This entails betting and subscribing to favorable and promising poker rooms. Getting into a poker room is not difficult; all you need is enough cash to support your stake and competency in the game. The setting is as obvious as it can be –an old garage, basement or even over an online host website.

So let’s say you are interested in playing poker. There are some factors that should be considered such as terms of the deal. It is a fact that being in poker costs money; the trick is to spend less and make more. This therefore dictates that you should ensure all subscriptions are as priceless as possible with minimum monthly rates. These include bonuses like membership waivers of initial fees or absolution from initial payments just before you become a pro poker player.

Poker bonuses can get as good as earning free money. This is achievable by just enlisting to a poker site of choice. Host sites with numerous bonuses often limit the number of registrations and accounts; however this is not an obstacle since there are hundreds of bonuses existing in other poker sites. Therefore, you should cast a wider net to seize every possible opportunity and observe your money grow. Rivalry between online poker hosts has led to the presence of hundreds of benefits targeted at attracting consumers. This is good news to players who can rip from all the sites at the same time.

For example, there are some sites which offer 50% bonus of principal amount used to sign up. This means that with 1000 dollars, you make a cool 500 more even before you play. So in the real sense, it will be like you have made an initial capital deposit of 1500 dollars. There is a saying that when the deal is too good, think twice. Some sites often make it easy to join, but in the later stages, they account for the losses by offering bad service or expensive rates. For example, it is a fact that after some time all this amount will get depleted regardless of skill. This necessitates the need for reloading of the account and it will be a worthwhile venture if there is the provision for reloading bonus.

Texas Hold’em rule of flop

After the pre flop, the game is now in full swing and the players continue to raise and re-raise bets, and deal cards. Meanwhile, whatever beta player raises, the others respond by putting its equal in the pot. Therefore, this game is determined by how much money you have to lose.

Compared to other types of poker games, Texas hold’em is suited more to a thinking man as one is not allowed many chances to deal. The betting finally stops when all players have either folded or stopped calling out raises on bets. It’s then at this juncture that the dealer gets to burn a card, that is, he deals one card face down and then afterwards; he deals out three cards. The cards are also dealt face down and one card after the other. Then he flops them all upwards. This is called the flop stage. These cards are used by the players to determine which poker hand to play. The burn card is not used again in that game. The player who is now in the little blind/small position now becomes ‘under the gun’ referred to as the UTG and he calls all the shots now. He also makes the first move. Most novices who never cared to advance their skills in poker stop at this stage because from henceforth, the game becomes more complicated. Again, the players continue to raise and re-raise bets until they all fold or have raised the last bet. Betting rounds are not limited and the players can raise and re raise bets until they are done. Meanwhile, the bets in the pot continue growing.

After the end of the round, the dealer burns another card and deals another one face up that is called the turn. Rounds of betting follow, still with the UTG on the hot seat. The round of betting ends when all bets have been raised or the players have folded. The next step is called the River. In this, the dealer burns another card and calls for the final round of betting. He flops the fifth and last card; and so by now the players have six community cards by which they try to enhance the best poker hand. Another betting, round commences until all bets are raised or until one player refuses to fold their hand. He may choose to ‘muck’ his hand that is tossing his card on the dealers pile without showing what it is to the other players. This player wins the pot.

Annette Obrestad

Annette Obrestad is a Norwegian poker player who was born on 18th September 1988. She is the youngest poker player to ever win the World Series of Poker Europe bracelet. She plays as part of the Betfair Poker Pro team.

Obrestad began her career as an online poker player when she was fifteen years old. She goes by the screen name ‘Annette_15’ and says that she was not required to deposit any money so as to start playing. She made her first winnings from playing the freeroll poker tournaments. Obrestad continued making money through these tournaments to the amounts of hundred thousands. She was able to win $500,000 from Pokerstars, $136,000 on Full Tilt Poker and $200,000 on UltimateBet between September 2007 and February 2007. In February 2008, Obrestad was ranked number 51 by There is a time when she has even claimed the number one spot in the same rankings.

The player has participated in numerous online poker games. She has also participated in some of the world’s greatest tournaments. She is a very aggressive poker player. Obrestad can play any two cards as her starting cards and succeed. She was able to win the 2007 World Series of Poker Europe inaugural main event. This made her the youngest player to ever win such an award.

Over the years, this young poker player has been able to earn the respect of other professional poker players. She is also a household name since she has appeared on several televised poker dealings. She has been known to use bluffing in the presence of weak opponents.

After Obrestad was able to create a name for herself in online poker she decided to try out the live poker play. She was unable to take part in the Las Vegas tournaments because she was underage. There is an age limit set for those people who can play in the World Series titles in Las Vegas.

In 2007, the World Series of Poker was taken to Europe and Obrestad was finally able to participate in the poker tournaments. Her first appearance in the tournament was in ‘No Limit Holdem. It is a three day event. She was able to beat the two most famous female players, Jennifer Harman and Annie Duke, during this tournament.

By the end of the first day Annette was one of the top five chip leaders. On the second day she was able to find her way into the final table. She made it to the final two, but was defeated by John Tabatabai. This made her the youngest player to ever win the bracelet and the first winner of the European World Series of Poker.

Texas hold’em rules: the showdown

This type of poker game is referred to by the name of the state from which it emanated, even before it reached Las Vegas way back in 1967. It almost hit a snag after the initial introduction in the casinos there. Although it took a lot of time for people to fully embrace this kind of poker, it has nevertheless soared in popularity over the last ten years due to being featured on television and the internet. Today, there are a lot of books whose subject is this game of poker, and they can be found in the local libraries as well as book sections in the chain supermarkets. More so, they can be downloaded from the internet for a fee. They have been written by renowned hands at poker. They have greatly increased the popularity of the game and today, it is one of the most searched types of poker on the internet. Tournaments are held that are sponsored and organized by promoters like the 2003 World Series championship.

The internet is also a classroom now where novices can learn how to play Texas hold’em while at the same time learning and applying all the rules that govern the game. An online tutor is provided and through learning to play with a system, you are able to sharpen your skills at the game more than you would with a conventional tutor. For the experienced hands, do not be surprised to find them playing multi-Texas Hold’em games on the internet, all at the same time. It is important that you recall that it has taken them a lot of time and practice to get there.
This game has exciting and interesting rules that govern the betting rounds, all the rounds are preceded by the dealer burning a card, and then flopping open a community card. The other players then continue to raise bets which go into the pot until after they all fold hand or after all the bets have been raised. These stages are the pre-flop, the flop, the turn and the river stages. The last stage is called the showdown. It’s important to note that as the game advances, those who decide to leave after that round do not play anymore. Therefore, only few players are left when the game enters the showdown stage. After the river stage, all the players who are still in the round show their cards starting with the player who bet last or may muck theirs too conceding defeat to the winner, without knowing his winning strategy.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson was born in August 10th 1933. He is a professional poker player of American origin. He has been playing professional; poker for the past five decades. He was the first player to win the World Series of Poker’s main event twice in a row. He is also one of the people who are inducted in to the Poker Hall of Fame. Brunson has written a number of books on the game.
He was the first player to win $1 Million in a poker tournament; he has also accumulated 10 World Series of Poker bracelets in the course of his career. This is the second highest number of bracelets ever won by a single player following Phil Hellmuth’s eleven bracelets record.

Brunson is also one of the few players who have been able to win the World Series of Poker main events multiple times. He accomplished this feat by winning the 1976 and the 1977 tournament. Brunson has won the tournaments four times in a row; the only other person who has ever managed to do this is Bill Boyd. He was also among the first five players to ever win the WSOP Main Event and a World Poker Tour title at the same time. Bluff Magazine voted him the most influential poker player in their issue of January 2006.

In his earlier years, Brunson was part of All-State Texas Basketball Team. His basketball career came to an end after he sustained a knee injury. The end of his basketball career saw him concentration on his education. Brunson attained his bachelors’ degree in 1954 and went on to pursue masters in administrative education.

Brunson had started playing poker even before he got his injury. He found it very easy to play the five card draw. After he sustained his knee injury, he found himself playing poker more frequently. The money he was able to win from the games was used to cater for his expenses. On the first day of his job, Brunson was invited for a poker game. The seven-card stud game was able to earn him a whole month’s salary in less than three hours. Brunson later decided to leave his job and become a proficient poker player.

In the initial stages, Brunson participated in some of the illegal games played in Exchange Street, Fort Worth. He used to play with a friend of his called Dwayne Hamilton. With time, the pair decided to travel round the state of Texas in search of bigger games.

Brunson decided to settle down in Las Vegas. He takes part in the World Series of Poker since its first tournament in 1970. He plays in the main events and annually and even participates in the preliminary bracket events.